Western Working Ladies Vs Idol Asian women

we see almost every western woman is a working lady. thats totally fine. But what comes to your mind when you hear something about an Asian house wife..? ummm they sit all day on their asses and dont do anything at all..!! May be their husbands are so strict and they dont let them go out in the society..!! or May be its their religious and cultural problem and they cant be working ladies at all…!!! Thats what almost every one of you would think about an Asian House wife… But Oh, hello, Hang on, Just a second…

What are the meanings of a working lady near you? just stop reading ahead, take a pause and think for few moments. what is the definition of a working lady…??? anyone who works from 9am to 5 pm is regarded as a working lady, or any one who works from 5 to 8 hours daily and she get paid for that, is tagged as a working lady. thats western definition. I am totally fine with that. Now lets move to Asia and see another definition of a working lady which we dont even consider as a working lady….

most of the women in Asia are house wives. But the concept of being a house wife in Asia is totally different than that of being so in Europe, Australia or America. A house wife in Asia is usually a mother of 3-4 kids on an average, although there are many who are mothers of 6-8 kids. this is not a joke to have 8 kids. Mums will know that…!!  Secondly they usually live in joint families. where they have to cook for their kids, husband, parents in laws, brothers and sisters in laws etc etc. so you can imgine their “Job Description”…

A house wife in Asian country sides helps her husband in agriculture as well. The women take part in harvesting crops, cutting grass, milking their cows, picking vegatables from the fields etc etc. this is not all, can you imagine walking off a street in 45 C or 50 C ? Women In Asia help cutting wheat crops in the month f May when the temperature is about 40-45C and they spend whole day in the sun and then return home not to sleep in the air conditioned room, but to prepare the dinner for the whole family. And then they may give some special time, love and romance to their husbands in the night, when every one else of the family is asleep on daily basis….Oh yeah on daily basis, I said so, by looking at the rate of increase in population….

Now there are some more people who say that these Asian women do not get their rights properly, they are not paid for these jobs. What happens in Western countries, husband and wife both pay for all the expenses all together, but in Asia women can not even imagina that they will be asked to pay half bills of each and every thing. This is the sole responsibility of the husband to spend on the family. Women do take part in day to day tasks but they then enjoy the total income of their husbands. this is a common trend in the Asian countries that husband will come home with the salary and give it to his mother, if she is living with them , if not, the total salary will go to the wife. Then she will manage the whole budget of the house and even she will be giving pocket money to the husband on daily basis. This may look seriously strange to many of you, but thats how it is..!!

So you can imagine that the idol women of Asia are infact hard working ladies. The natur of their job is entirely different than that of women in western countries and they may not be paid on hourly basis. But, they do get reward which is based on the ground realities and is very authoritative as well.